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Importance of Regular Eye Exams

By editor
September 30, 2018

Some people underestimate an importance of regular eye exams, as they think that if nothing is hurting in the eyes and their vision seems normal, there is no need to go to an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist. However, a sight test can pick up early signs of eye conditions before a person starts feeling symptoms, ... read more

A Brief History of Eye Wear

By editor
July 26, 2016

We wanted to go down the history lane and see what eye sight enhancement technologies were available to the people with poor eye sight centuries ago and how those people coped with their eye sight deficiencies. A variety of eye wear designs were available at different times in history - Monocle, Quizzer, Pince-nez, Scissor-glasses, Lorgnette, ... read more

Are there dangers to eyes from use of cell phone screens

By editor
June 27, 2016

Nowadays most people spend many hours staring at that "blue screen" - on their smart phone, tablet, TV or computer.  Some people report up to 9 hours per day use of a digital screen, counting work related computer use, and play time at home, texting to the kids and spouses, television watching and looking up ... read more

Household dangers for your eyes

By editor
June 5, 2016

Today we wanted to talk about all those dangers that your eyes can be exposed to right there at your home.  Even if you are not going anywhere and staying in the most comfortable place on earth - your home, your eyes can still be exposed to risks and injuries. Household chemicals We use them ... read more

Yelp Reviews for Medical Professions

By editor
May 3, 2016

We wanted to review the trends in the Social Media comments received regarding Doctors and other Medical Professions.  Media websites, such as Yelp and Facebook, allow anyone to leave reviews about any business.  The reviews are anonymous, and there are no guarantee the reviewer even used a particular service, or just seeking revenge for a ... read more

Advances in eye treatments that avoid surgery

By editor
December 6, 2015

We wanted to look at the most recent advances in non-surgical eye treatments, that are being tested or are already hitting the market.  What are the researchers looking for?  In what areas the advancements in eye treatment science have been done? Treatments with various eye drops and therapy are always preferred to invasive surgeries.  Even ... read more

Halloween contact lenses - what are the dangers?

By editor
November 1, 2015

Colored contact lenses for Halloween are becoming more and more popular.  However with the popularity grow cases of injuries that result from use of illegal lenses sold without prescription.  On the Internet especially, many advertisements say "Cheap scary contact lenses", "Spooky Halloween lenses - Huge Discounts".  Beware that those may harm your eyes. It is ... read more

Inventions and Technologies that help us see better

By editor
October 1, 2015

What are the most recent break-through inventions in the eye care and eye ware in the world?  Scientific knowledge moves forward all the time and different new technologies help advance eye care.  For example, lasers are now widely used for eye surgery and bio-technology is advancing creation of medicines that help keep eyes healthy. Lasers ... read more

Air pollution and eyes

By editor
August 23, 2015

Our eyes are the most delicate tissue in our bodies exposed to the atmosphere.  It is natural to assume that air quality and air pollution affect our eyes.  We collected several articles and publications that address this issue. What can we do to protect our eyes from the pollutants in the air that are all ... read more

All "Myth versus Fact" about our eye sight

By editor
June 14, 2015

Several websites list "Myth versus Fact" about our eye sight, but none list all myths that exist.  We wanted to check and collect all the "old wives' stories" out there about eye sight and see if those are confirmed by the experienced ophthalmologists.  We checked several well-known eye and medical websites such as health.com, WebMD.com, ... read more