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Cataract Surgery...What are your options?

By editor
December 6, 2013


Did you  know that cataract surgery available today offers a wide variety of options to provide a comprehensive customizable treatment for your eyes? Today’s cataract surgery offers options that can correct additional eye conditions, granting access to a new lifestyle. Many cataract procedures allow patients to have minimal dependency on glasses and contacts allowing freedom to resume activities like golfing, reading, driving, and much more.

Basic Lenses Multifocal Lenses Astigmatism-Correcting Lenses
Can correct cataracts Can correct both cataracts
and presbyopia
Can correct both cataracts
and astigmatism

Can be satisfactory for cataract patients who don’t mind wearing glasses or contacts for
everyday activities

Ideal for cataract patients who regularly use a computer, sew, watch TV, play golf or tennis, drive and more Ideal for cataract patients who wish to reduce the need for glasses and contacts for distance vision
Medicare and private insurance typically cover monofocal lens and implantation costs; there will be a co-pay expense for monofocal lenses Medicare and private insurance typically cover the cost of basic cataract surgery; there will be an
out-of-pocket expense for
multifocal lenses
Medicare and private insurance typically cover the cost of basic cataract surgery; there will be an out-of-pocket expense


Not only are there options for the lens technologies you may choose, you also have a choice between a 3D guided computer controlled laser or hand cut with a steel blade. Either type can be effective, however, laser assisted cataract surgeries are typically more precise as certain steps are automated. No pair of eyes are exactly the same, which is why each eye needs to be precisely measured and mapped when getting evaluated for cataract surgery.

Westlake Eye Surgery Center is the first surgery center in the Tri-County Region to acquire one of the most advanced technologies in cataract surgery, the LenSx.  The LenSx Laser is a leap forward in cataract surgery.

"Lensx allows me to customize the cataract procedure to the individual's eye. The precision with the laser allows me to treat even small amounts of astigmatism and give our patients a greater chance of spectacle independence. Then, of course, there's the "neat" factor of doing the latest blade-less procedure available!" states Dr. William Trotter.

"Our patients have been delighted with the results they are seeing with LenSx. They selected a customized 3-dimensionally guided computer-controlled laser over a one-size-fits-all blade to perform delicate steps of the lens replacement surgery." says high volume user Dr. John Davidson.

Often, individuals believe that a cataract must be “ripe” or in an advanced stage to be removed which is false. When a doctor sees signs of cataract and you experience symptoms, you should speak with your doctor about cataract removal so it doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle.

For more information please contact 805-648-3085 to set up your cataract evaluation with one of our cataract surgeons, Dr. John Davidson, Dr. William Trotter, or Dr. John Fang.



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