December 2015

“Miramar Eye Specialist group continues its research study commitment with its involvement in the Artemis glaucoma study. Miramar physicians Joel Corwin MD, William Trotter MD, Wanda Hu MD, and Joseph Chen MD are enrolling patients in a study that will investigate a new method for glaucoma drug delivery. Bimatoprost SR is currently in phase 3 of FDA clinical trials and is the first major change in glaucoma drop delivery in over 10 years. This new method may potentially change the way we deliver care and increase medication effectiveness and patient compliance. To become a study patient, you will be asked a series of entry questions and will have to fulfill a number of study criteria. Once entered in the study, which is slated for one year with an additional year of follow-up, most costs of visits and medication are covered. We, the physicians at Miramar, are excited to advance glaucoma care and welcome your involvement.”

Submitted By Dr Trotter 02/10/2015


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COVID-19 Corona Virus Update

We ARE fully open. Santa Paula office will start seeing patients on July 1st. – All our Equipment is sterilized per the CDC guidelines. – If you are experiencing…

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August 2018

We would like to announce that a new Ophthalmologist is joining Miramar Eye Medical Group in August 2018: Sanket U. Shah, MD. Sanket U. Shah, M.D. is a board certified Ophthalmologist…

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March 2018

Miramar is the first Ophthalmology practice to have the Alcon Heads Up system in the Los Angeles area! Alcon’s NGENUITY® 3D Visualization System allows retinal surgeons to operate looking at a high…