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January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

By editor
January 13, 2014

January: Glaucoma Awareness Month

Between three to four million Americans have glaucoma and it is the leading cause of preventable blindness according to the National Eye Institute.  It has been shown that early treatment of glaucoma can control the disease and prevent loss of vision or blindness.

Anyone can develop glaucoma, but your risk increases with age, and if you are African American or Latino your risk may be 6 to 8 times higher than that of Caucasians.

Since glaucoma can be painless and have no early warning signs, this makes it important to see your eye doctor who will examine your eyes and evaluate your optic nerves, the structure in the eye that is damaged by glaucoma.

Remember early detection is the key to successful treatment of glaucoma and at Miramar Eye Specialists Medical Group our physicians have access to all of the most advanced technology to ensure you will have a positive outcome.  We also have clinical trials available for selected patients.

Please contact us at 805.648.3085 for an appointment and check out our doctors on www.miramareye.com.


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