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Patient Mag Mora Speaks about his experience with Dr. Trotter

Linda Renkowski, Cataract Patient with Restor

Shaunna Zavala Toric Lens Cataract Patient

Patient Michael talks about his cataract surgery outcome.

Bob Eubanks, M.D.
Many times in life you meet people who literally change your lifestyle. Dr. John Davidson did that for me. My surgery with Dr. Davidson was incredible, pain free, very professional, and the outcome is so good I can't even describe it in words. Dr. Davidson is one of those rare individuals whose honesty, bedside manner, and abilities are all equal. I cannot recommend too highly the staff and the competency that Dr. Davidson brings.

Kate Stephenson
Dr. Davidson and his staff are nothing short of miracle workers! My cataracts had completely stopped me from doing all the things That made life worth living. I could not drive or read, but I was afraid to do anything about it. The idea of having surgery on my eyes terrified me. Enter Miramar Specialists: Hallelujah! Easy-Peasy, Non-scary, PAIN-FREE surgery. As soon as the procedure was completed, I could see again.Every day my vision Seemed to get even clearer. Color, peripheral vision, detail? Like I was twenty again! If you have cataracts, go see Dr. Davidson. ASAP! He and his staff will literally change your life.

Colm McHugh, M.D.
My colleague John Davidson, MD Has Been doing huge numbers of cataract surgery in Ventura county with phenomenal results for many years. I had no choice When my own cataract surgery was required. He was the only one to whom-I would have gone. My results are what I expected. Perfect. I have done Thousands of eye surgeries only recommend Dr. Davidson myself and my own patients for cataract surgery.

Betty Sue
I can see! Thank you Dr. Trotter not only for the expert surgery but for explaining the total procedure for cataract removal. I have been so very satisfied with the care given by all staff. I saw Dr. McHugh for many years before leaving the area for 15 years so when I returned I booked my appointment with him and the door opened to experts in eye disease. I have had the pleasure of seeing multiple eye specialists at Miramar and feel my vision is in good hands. Thank you Drs McHugh,Trotter,Mangers,Corwin and Brunett. I highly recommend this wonderful group.

Dry Eye

Penny, Dry Eye Patient speaks about LipiFlow treatment

Trudy, Dry Eye Patient

Gloria, Dry Eye Patient

Dr. Bill Hines speaks about his LipiFlow experience


Vicky Johnson after Eyelid surgery with Dr. Daniel Ebroon at Miramar Eye

Renata Stone
I went to Dr. Daniel Ebroon for my first Botox treatment. His staff was incredible. They made me feel very comfortable as I was nervous. I had never done any kind of cosmetic procedures of any kind and they made me feel at ease. Dr. Ebroon walked me through the whole procedure, gave me excellent recommendations, and it did not hurt at all! I did not even use the numbing cream That You Can use for Botox or Juvederm. I was Able to schedule my eye exam with Dr. Boggs right after which was great. I live in Ojai and would drive down anytime to get the comprehensive eye care I received at Miramar Eye Specialists. I love my Botox! Already I can see the results!

Larry Lowenberg
My wife had a great experience with Dr. Ebroon. The surgery was completed in minutes with no pain. Post op included blanks applied daily. Results Two weeks later was perfect.


Mary J.
I had a pretty serious eye issue when i first met Dr. Frambach in the emergency ward at the hospital. Even though it was an extremely scary time, the Dr. was quick to discover the issue and to explain the pathway for reparation. He was professional and friendly to everyone there with me especially taking time to give my daughter reassurance and a "duty" to help assist me in getting better! 🙂

My following visits at the clinic were also very good! It is a very busy office, but i always felt that they tried to get me back on track as expediently as they could! Very compassionate!

General Ophthalmology

Vicky Smith
After much deliberation, I Decided to have laser eye surgery. Finding the right people That You Can trust with your health and well being is very important to me. Dr. Boggs Took care of me with the up most professionalism. For Pre op: he made sure I was a good candidate for laser eye surgery and then walked me through the process of the actual surgery. This made me feel confident and relaxed That I was going to be well taken care of. I received the same special attention During Post Op Dr. Boggs was wonderful through the whole process. Dr. Davidson did the actual surgery. He was gracious and a true professional. I highly recommend him. If you are going to have laser eye surgery done, Miramar eye specialists in Ventura is the best place you can go. I drove up from San Diego to have them do my surgery and it was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made! I Encourage you to check them out!

Raul M.
Excellent!! I have been going to Miramar Eye Specialists for almost 8 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. The entire staff is professional, considerate and a pleasure to work with. Everything from my Lasik eye correction to my annual visits, every visit is Great!! Amazing customer service and hometown feel. Go see Dr. Brunette!! Thank you all at Miramar!

Cheryl C.
I have gone to the Miramar Eye Specialists for many years because they consistently have a large selection of quality frames. I had not used their doctors only because I had been with another doctor's office across town for many years. When I ran into a problem with my prescription from my former doctor, both opticians, Dinh and Chava helped me correct the problem and supported me throughout the process. They were wonderful. I was then introduced to Dr. Kalra She gave me a thorough eye exam and answered all my boring questions. She is delightful. It is my pleasure to recommend this office to anyone interested.

Terry Sommer
I went for my bi-annual eye checkup with Dr. Buettler. The staff in the office was very courteous and helpful. The exams, both the refractive exam and Dr. Buettler s eye health were extremely well done. I would recommend this group highly to others; they are kind, helpful, knowledgeable and patient.

Additional Testimonials