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Posts From August, 2014

WebMD on How to Use Eye Drops and Ointments

By editor
August 31, 2014

Many eye problems are treated with eyedrops or eye ointments, and sometimes with both. Most people know to use medications only as directed by a doctor, store them properly following instructions on the label, and not to use expired medications. Even though drops and ointments are widely used, many people don't know the best way ... read more

Taking Care of your Eyes on the regular basis

By editor
August 24, 2014

We all know the need to stop smoking, eat right, take vitamins and exercise regularly to stay healthy.  Also very important is to read labels on prescription medications and discard expired ones.  Having regular health exams with your doctor and not ignoring any health issues also cannot be overemphasized for our overall health.  All the ... read more