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Google Glass Lens Fits Available now Available at Miramar Eye!

By editor
February 15, 2014

Miramar Eye Specialists Medical Group (MESMG), a regional leader in Ophthalmology since 1983 is pleased to announce our eye doctors are authorized to fit lenses for one of the newest and most innovative advancements in eyewear, Google Glass.

Google Glass is a new form of eye wear that is internet connected computer technology. Google Glass is available in both traditional style frames as well as with prescription lenses including sunglasses.  The Glass technology has a computer and a projector built inside of the frame that allows patients to take 5 megapixel photographs, 720p HD videos, see the time, post pictures and videos to social media, get driving directions, Google Search by voice, translate signs into different languages, and display your calendar events.

"What the smart phone did for your ears we can now do for your eyes, says Dr. Michael Boggs, Director of Optometry at Miramar Eye Specialists Medical Group.

Dr. John Davidson, cataract surgeon at Miramar Eye Specialists, was selected for the second round of Google Glass Explorers to beta test the device for Google developers. He has used the device since early December 2013. Dr. Davidson feels that “The possibilities for this device are virtually endless. “   An automatic upgrade that occurred soon after receiving Glass, allows him to take a picture of whatever he is looking at by simply winking even when the display is off.

VSP, the nation’s biggest optical health insurance plan, has offered to subsidize frames and prescription lenses for Google Glass.  Actual Google Glass technology can be purchased from an authorized Google Glass seller. Miramar Eye Specialists is certified to fit frames for the technology.

To set up an appointment to get your Google glass lenses fit, contact us at 805-648-3085 or visit us at www.miramareye.com .


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